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With the right planning in place, your family’s estate can be protected when assets are divided following the estate owner’s passing. However, this is unfortunately not always the case. When your family is unable to come to an agreement about how the estate is to be administered, call the Shreveport estate lawyers at Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. and get the help you need to fulfill the decedent’s wishes.

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Contested Wills & Estates

When a person passes on, their will is usually the document that courts will use to determine how the assets will be divided. However, if the will is not properly drafted, or is misunderstood in some way, it may be administered incorrectly and leave certain parties treated unfairly. Since 1951, Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. has helped generations of families with their wills and estates to make sure each person receives what is rightfully theirs.

Contesting a will is one way to approach an incorrect distribution of an estate. By having an aggressive attorney on your side to help you fight for your interests, you can construct a legal strategy that helps you show courts why the decision of the executor needs to be changed.

Some strategies to contest a will could include:

  • Undue influence: If there is a possibility that a caretaker used their influential position to create stipulations in the will that benefit them, you may be able to have the will changed. It is important that you can show the influence was not just constant requests or nagging, but an actual limiting of their free will
  • Lack of capacity: A will created when a person was unable to make clear decisions should be may be invalid.
  • Fraud: It is possible that a will was created under false pretenses. This means that the decedent believed they were signing something other than the will in question.

Shreveport Estate Lawyers with Experience

As these matters are highly technical and hinge on small details, it is important that you have the assistance of attorneys who understand how to effectively contest a will. Our team has extensive experience helping our clients to uphold their interests in contested wills in Northwest Louisiana. During your consultation, we will discuss the legal options you may have available. Do not wait to get started.

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