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Interdiction & Curatorship Lawyers in Shreveport

Protecting Those Unable to Make Their Own Property Decisions

When a person is incapacitated to the degree that they can no longer make decisions on their own regarding their property, a legal process exists known as interdiction which allows another person to make certain decisions in their stead. The Shreveport estate lawyers at Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. are here to help you make plans for interdiction later in life.

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Louisiana Interdiction

Interdiction is a term used to describe the legal process of having the courts declare a person incompetent and unable to care for their own affairs due to some sort of infirmity. In Louisiana, they are considered to be:

  • Full Interdiction: results in the loss of an individual's control of decisions related to their person and property. For example, a fully interdicted person lacks capacity under the law to enter into a contract with another party.
  • Limited Interdiction: occurs when the courts determine an individual is incapable of making sound decisions about either his person or property but can manage the other. For example, a limited interdiction may be appropriate if an elderly person is capable of choosing where they live or what medical care they want, but due to dementia, cannot handle his or her money.

Who is an Interdicted Person?

When a person is interdicted, they no longer have the capacity to make any sort of "juridical act," or an act of expression or will intended to carry legal consequences.

Curatorship for Those in Need

When a person is interdicted, a curator is appointed to act in their place. A curator helps the person with the needed decisions. There are many decisions for which having a curator can prove very beneficial.

A curator may be able to make such decisions as:

  • Granting access to medical records
  • Paying bills and expenses
  • Filing a lawsuit if needed
  • Determining a place to live
  • Making certain choices about medical treatment

Some other decisions that could be made by a curator will require court approval.

Get Help from Experienced Legal Professionals

While having a curator help an interdicted person can be beneficial, there are still tasks that ought to be taken care of before a person reaches the point where they need that assistance. The team at Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. is here to help you plan for these changes in life and make sure that yourassets and estate matters are organized and prepared for when this aid will become necessary.

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