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Among the many different issues that exist in estate planning, few are more important than what will happen to any children left behind. In Louisiana, the person designated to look after a child is called a tutor. These people are usually named in a will, but that will not always be the case. Speak with the Shreveport tutorship attorneys at Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. today to learn more about the options you have for selecting a trustworthy person to look after your family following your passing.

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What Is Tutorship in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, tutorship is what other states refer to as "guardianship" and involves appointing a person to assume legal responsibility for a minor child in the event of their parents' death or divorce. Naming a tutor is an important step in any estate plan to ensure your children are cared for in the event of your absence.

Louisiana Law Surrounding Tutorship

In most cases, when one parent dies, the other surviving parent will be granted custody in what is called natural tutorship. While this is a common scenario that lends itself to easier custody, it is not always the case.

Other kinds of tutorship include:

  • Tutorship by the effect of law: When both parents die and their will does not name a tutor, the court will often appoint a relative such as a grandparent to look after the child
  • Tutorship by will: If the parents declared a different person to look after their child, this person will receive custody following the death of the last parent
  • Dative tutorship: When there are no able relatives to act as the tutor for the child, the court will appoint a tutor who is unrelated to the child

Other Scenarios of Tutorship

Some children will need more care than usual, such as a child with special needs. Not only will care be more intensive and expensive, but it may even require a person to care for the child for the rest of their life. A will can help to declare the person who will care for this child and how the money will be allocated to their needs. You should not try to plan for this kind of extensive care without the help of an experienced Shreveport estate lawyer.

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