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Have you ever searched for, "mineral rights lawyer near me? At Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P., we know that oil and gas companies are notorious for taking advantage of uninformed landowners to obtain natural resources at an unfair price. It is important that you know your rights if an oil and gas company or government agency contacts you about mineral leases on your property. Oftentimes, individual landowners are at a disadvantage, especially if they aren't fully aware of what mineral rights they have and how valuable they may be. Since 1951, Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P. has helped families in Northwest Louisiana to protect their interests when facing oil and gas companies.

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Decades Spent Representing Landowners

At Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P., we help landowners and mineral rights owners negotiate with oil and gas companies in all types of situations.

With deep experience in oil and gas law and energy law, we can assist with cases involving:

  • Negotiating mineral leases for nonrenewable energy resources such as natural gas and shale oil
  • Determining mineral ownership
  • Buying and selling mineral rights
  • Mineral ownership disputes
  • Disputes over royalties, water use, and property damage
  • Landownership and mineral rights ownership issues during estate planning and probate

In Louisiana, just because you own a property does not necessarily mean you own the mineral rights to the property as well. If you have recently inherited or acquired a property and are unsure about what you own, we can help you research your deed or title.

Mineral Rights in Louisiana

Mineral rights in Louisiana are somewhat unique from other states in that if you sell land, you may retain the ownership of minerals beneath it for up to 10 years from the date of sale or last production, after which time these rights are transferred to the current land owner.

The Louisiana Mineral Code governs the ownership and extraction of minerals found under the property you own, such as oil, gas, soil, gravel, shells, and even underground water sources. Unlike other states, under Louisiana Revised Statute (RS) 31:6, you do not automatically own any minerals found under your land until they have been extracted and are physically in your control. For example, you would only own oil found under your property once it has been pumped from the ground and stored in a tank or pipeline.

What Is Mineral Servitude?

You have the exclusive and unlimited right to explore your property for minerals and extract them as long as you own your land, provided that you do not violate any laws in the process. This is known as mineral servitude. Many property owners will temporarily lease this right to other companies to extract these minerals for them, including an upfront dollar amount based on the size of the plot of land and royalties for the production and sale of the mineral.

Defending Our Clients’ Rights in Court

With decades of litigation experience in northwest Louisiana, our attorneys are fully prepared to represent your interests in court if necessary. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is especially important in disputes against large oil and gas companies. When you work with Richie, Richie & Oberle, L.L.P., you can trust that our team will give you realistic guidance about your issues.

If you have been contacted by an oil and gas company representative and you are not sure what to do, give us a call to speak about your situation. Make sure to check out our other practice areas and see how we can help you.

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